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Energy Choice Programs

Many Local Deliver Companies (LDCs), aka ‘Utilities’, across the country offer their customers access to “choice programs” or access to ‘independent suppliers’. Today, HNG operates in multiple LDC programs across multiple states.  In general, most LDCs realize their profit through delivering the natural gas to its customers not marking up the cost of the gas itself.  In the “choice program” the LDC remains the delivery company, thus collecting the same profit, yet allows the customer to decide who they would like to purchase the gas itself from.  The idea is simple, more options will provide the market with a better price and better service.


With this service, you will purchase the gas commodity itself from Heartland Natural Gas and your Utility will continue to deliver natural gas to your facility with the same  service priority done today. Utilities require Heartland Natural Gas to meet stringent credit and gas delivery requirements. If Heartland Natural Gas ever failed to meet the Utility’s gas supply requirements, the customer would continue to receive uninterrupted gas service directly from the Utility. The Utility acts as a ‘back-up’ supplier.


Heartland Natural Gas can be expected to provide additional and customized services, beyond those offered by your Utility. Economic history demonstrates that all customers benefit from additional choices in the marketplace. Providing choices creates competition among energy suppliers and increases value for customers. Thus, Heartland Natural Gas can often provide customers with price protection, alternative billing methods, and cost savings.

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